Media Wyld provides comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Services that consistently produce more #1 Ranking search terms. We do this by employing some of the industries most respected professionals in algorithmic mastery. As the Founder and CEO of New Media Technology once said "We were mastering Search Engine Optimization when the google boys were still working in their garage." "We Know SEO".

There Are No SHORT-CUT's in SEO!

Research, Planning and a lot of hard work is key to a successful WHITE-HAT Search Engine Optimization strategy. At Media Wyld we understand that in order to dominate the search results and get those #1 Rankings, you must first define your company and brand as an industry leader or "Industry Authority". Offering consumers great content, useful resources and unique industry information are some of the basics  to achieving top rankings.

What can you expect from MediaWyld's White-Hat Search Engine Optimization Services?

  1. Great Content
  2. Great Distribution Strategies
  3. Great Inbound and Outbound Linking Strategies
  4. Great Product or Service Reviews
  5. Strategic On-Page SEO
  6. Strategic Off-Page SEO
  7. Strategic Local SEO
  8. And so much More!

Media Wyld will never engage in Gray-Hat or Black-Hat techniques that will, in the long run, put your company and your search engine rankings at risk for being penalized or completely removed from the search results. At Media Wyld we are dedicated to providing our clients with First Class, Cutting-Edge  Natural Search Engine Optimization Services.


Media Wyld’s Social Media Marketing services gives you a vast array of tools to promote your brand’s message to your potential customers. With our extensive experience and knowledge in Social Media Trends, Content Engagement tactics and Social Content Optimization your company will stand out from the rest. Your company will become the industry authority for your particular products and services and will define the message locally, regionally or nationally.

At Media Wyld our objective is to engage your fans, followers and customers into buying into your brand experience and at the same time create strategic connections with other brands that enhance your exposure online. Our social media marketing services are designed for the discerning business owners who demands superior results. Media Wyld has the talent and expertise to do just that.


Our Social Media Marketing Services include the following:

1.    Social media account management for your brand, Company Leadership and Brand Ambassadors.
2.    Content provisions for timely posts to your social media accounts, web pages and blogs.
3.    Content curation for your website, blog and social media accounts.
4.    Regular posting of relevant content, images, links and other media.
5.    Continuous research on social media trends relevant to your brand.
6.    Updating profiles and content for your social media accounts, blog and website.
7.    Other social media marketing services specific to your companies needs.


Media Wyld offers clients Strategic Pay Per Click Marketing Services designed to increase conversions and ROI. With over 15 years of hands on Pay Per Click Marketing experience along with Certified Google PPC Experts you can be rest assured your Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns will be designed and optimized with great attention to detail.

Pay Per Click Marketing needs to be handled with expertise, experience and the most current knowledge of SEO, Search Engine Algorithms and Search Engine Updates to achieve maximum results. At New Media Technology our pay per click marketing services are designed to compel and engage your clients into clicking and converting.

Media Wyld utilizes specialized tools, Reporting Software and Advanced PPC Strategies along with years of experience to put together the most engaging ads and cost effective campaigns. With Media Wyld's professional PPC Marketing Services you can be confident that your campaigns will deliver the conversions and ROI you demand.


Media Wyld’s ecommerce marketing services give you a suite of tools to reach your target market and gain more conversions. We understand how social media trends, the internet and the fast-paced market of today’s digital age can offer a plethora of opportunities to drive more traffic and convert more sales. With over 15 years of hands on experience Media Wyld can help lead your company down the road to success.

Our ecommerce marketing services are designed for the savvy business owner who demands superior results:

  1. State-of-the-Art eCommerce web design and development platforms to enhance usability and conversion to sale.
  2. Enhanced search engine optimization with the use of specialized reporting tools and strategies.
  3. Mobile-optimized website design for every platform, device and OS.
  4. Enhanced shopping tools and solutions for all your ecommerce marketing needs.
  5. Product marketing throughout all major channels including Social Media, Search Engines, Shopping Networks and much more.

Media Wyld understands how quickly the internet can change and we design eCommerce marketing strategies that are flexible and scaleable. We make sure your business is on the cutting edge of development to ensure consistent conversion to sale and increased ROI.

We believe that your website and online presence is absolutely key to the success of your business and in today fast paced, digitally driven world, it could potentially make or break your company.

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Media Wyld demands that our clients receive the best production value and video output  For the discerning business owner who knows that top-quality videos for their marketing campaigns, corporate events and training, New Media Technology’s video production services are always the right fit.

What are the video production services that Media Wyld has to offer? Take a look:

1. Full-scale video production for any project, message, idea, product or service you have. We make sure that we can provide the needed production materials, equipment, expertise, time and experience to give you the best video or film you want.

2. High-quality content for your video. You don’t even have to worry about scripts, props and even the story or narrative for your project—our creative, experienced team handling video production services are always ready to write something up from scratch that fits the needs of your video.

3. Event recording and documentation. When you need someone to cover an even that your company is hosting like a product launch, a talk, a seminar or anything that you want recorded, we can provide enriched, edited and detailed video production services.

4. Concise, clear and effective training and corporate videos. We know that any  video production company can just say that they can deliver what you need for your corporate video. Media Wyld video production services are only for the sharp entrepreneur who wants their training and company video to be effective and engaging.

Media Wyld offers clients world class Internet marketing services by providing them with cutting edge tools and tactics, as well as, the knowledge and expertise to insure proper execution and superior ROI.

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We believe that your website and online presence is absolutely key to the success of your business and in today fast paced, digitally driven world, it could potentially make or break your company.

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Our affiliate marketing services are unlike any other in the country and have been very effective for all our clients and partners. Media Wyld understands that this type of internet marketing strategy is about relationships and the capacity to build and sustain them.

While it is possible for you to start an affiliate marketing strategy on your own, we give you access to more networks, knowledge and tools that can make your efforts more effective and less time-consuming.

New Media Technology has the capacity to package your products and services into appealing bundles that publishers can’t resist picking up and promoting. We understand just how to market your brand as an appealing and engaging experience that publishers can really get behind and promote to their followers.

With the right research, planning and strategies, our affiliate marketing services can get you launched all over the world on the most popular blogs, websites and social media accounts that are already being followed by your target market.

While this method is much slower and can possibly cost more in terms of commissions, it’s still one of the most effective ways to gain conversions and clients because you’re speaking to people using voices that they already believe.

Our affiliate marketing services can give your company the boost it needs in terms of gaining cred in your industry and reaching your target market through people who already have a following.